Interiew with Claes Jönsson

Another interview with a member of garaget.org, this time with Claes “Nucleardonkey” and his Civic VT, he also has a cool Civic shuttle. Name: Claes Jönsson Age: 26 Occupation: Telecom Technician Where do you currently live: Hässleholm Music of choice in the garage: Probably Metal, but almost anything would do. Something about you that most […]


Interview with Kajsa Borg

I decided to go hunting on garaget.org to find some swedes that have cool builds and love talking about them. First up is Kajsa Borg with her cool looking Honda Civic -92.   Name: Kajsa Borg Age: 24. Occupation: Cashier. Where do you currently live: Tomelilla. Music of choice in the garage: Rock or house. Something about you that most people don’t […]