Is this the future of Classic cars?

Want to convert your classic car to electric power? In that case E-drive retro can help you.

They take a classic car and restore it to a finish and quality better then when it left the factory as new. In the process of restoration they update all the moving parts that tend to break on these cars and replace the drivetrain with an electric power. The cars are delivered with 2 years warranty, can be charged from your home and with the latest wireless big data communication allowing wireless drivetrain updates and data sharing.

Sounds pretty amazing? I have to agree and they look just amazing. Upgrading the drivetrain and changing parts you would assume it would loose the feel of a classic car. You will obviously loose the sound of that old engine but other then that E-Drive Retro put a lot of work in keeping the weight ratio the same, the steering feel the same and the power from the batteries is tuned to feel like the original engine.

The company is planing to build around 25-50 cars in the next couple of years. Buying one of their restored MGA roadsters will cost you around 150,000 euros. If you want to get your own car converted to electric it will cost you somewhere around 80,000 euros depending on the condition of the car and your specifications.

So what about the battery? It has a range of around 100-150km and It quick charges to 85% in 25 minutes. Getting to full battery takes about 6 hours.

Check them out:

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  1. The sound of the British car is the whole point in my opinion so why???

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