Interiew with Claes Jönsson

Another interview with a member of, this time with Claes “Nucleardonkey” and his Civic VT, he also has a cool Civic shuttle.

Name: Claes Jönsson
Age: 26
Occupation: Telecom Technician
Where do you currently live: Hässleholm
Music of choice in the garage: Probably Metal, but almost anything would do.
Something about you that most people don’t know:
I didn’t know how to build cars when I started. I have made lots of mistakes along the way, but always came out wiser.


If your banned from the garage for a weekend, what do you be doing instead?

I would be gaming and occasionally hit the gym.

How did you get into cars?

I always liked engines and all kinds of vehicles. So that I would get in to cars was no surprise.

2015-03-07 10.58.27

Tell us about your car and how you decided to get it:

I had my first Honda, a totally disgusting old Civic EF9.
And I fell totally in love with it, so the next step would be to get a better version of it.
So naturally I got the Vtec version. It was totally riced at the moment with body kit and neon.

For everyone out there that wants to build their own car, what’s your best tip for them?

Don’t give up and anything is possible.

One day while working in you backyard you find gold! You can now afford your dreamcar, what would you buy?


Honda NSX for sure, then tune the hell out of it.

If people want to see your car in person, what events are you going to?

I’m going to Wangan meet/Japtuning race day. Otherwise I will just go to random events in southern Sweden.

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