Interiew with Emil Daugaard

Todays interview is with Emil Daugaard and his Honda Prelude built as a track car. He convinced his wife to buy a new daily and it transformed into a race car running at 93db!

Name: Emil Daugaard

Age: My body feels 51, My mind is 11 and My passport says 31 smile

Occupation: I work at tyre shop called Euromaster as a tyre salesman/fitter in Kista

Where do you currently live: In a townhouse in south Stockholm

Favorite music to play in the garage: I usually forget to turn the radio on when I’m in the garage but  when i do i listen P3 radio

Something about you that most people don’t know: I’m Luke´s father…

If your banned from the garage for a weekend, what would you be doing instead? I would hang out with my two sons Vide 3 and Alve 4½ years old.


How did you get into cars? I’m from a small village 20 km south of Örnsköldsvik. Up there having a car is freedom so i bought my first one when i was 16 and then it just escalated. 10 years ago i bought my first honda, it was also a Prelude with 4ws and a full Erebuni body kit. The car was allot of fun but sadly rust had gotten to it badly.

Please share what specs you have on your car and the story why you decided to buy the car:

I managed to convince my wife that we need another daily…  I bought it the winter of 2014, since i wanted something that i could build on I thought this would be a great start but little did i know… Sourcing parts is a true horror although thanks to Folke at RoF Teknik i will get the most critical parts custom made!

It has a B20A7 Non Vtec with a manual 5 speed gearbox. The engine delivers 150 hk @6600 rpm and 183 nm @4300 rpm.
I made the exhaust from universal exhaust pipes, it’s LOUD! but due to weight i just have one muffler. So far tho it works for my car since it “only” registered just over 93 db at the track smile


Chassis setup is K-sport circuit racing coilovers. and stock brakes with Project Mu Club Racer brake pads.

Street wheels Honda Factory Performance SS7 Enkei 16×6,5″ 205/45-16 Dunlop Sport Maxx RT
Track wheels SSR Type-C 4kg* 15×6,5″ +42 205/50-15 Toyo R888 GG

It’s fitted with a OMP WRC-R XL bucket seat on CORBEAU side mounts with a custom subframe.

Original no fake Snap-Off hub with a Nardi Deep Corn wood steering wheel for the street and a RRS sway steering wheel for the track.

This winter i will fit new Super Pro bushings with a completely restored suspension and another 30 kg of weight should be gone. Weight loss will come from removal of the sunroof, asphalt sound insulation and various interior trim and so on.


I’ve also started collecting parts for a K20 engine swap smile

My goal is 999 kg or less and 300 whp and I’m in no rush so i take it one piece at a time.

What made you decide to go for a track day / time attack car?

It seemed like a good idea. I like driving fast and driving on the limit should only be done on a closed track.

Out of all the tracks you have driven, which is the most difficult?

I had the hardest time finding the right flow at Kinnekulle Ring, it’s still a fun track tho. The most fun ones I’ve driven in Sweden are Ring Knutstorp and Karlskoga Motorstadion “Gelleråsen”. I still have allot of tracks to test.

For everyone out there that wants to build their own car, what’s your best tip for them?

DO IT! (how you do it is irrelevant) focus on driving it EVERY summer and only build during wintertime.


One day while working in you backyard you find gold! You can now afford your dreamcar, what would you buy?

I already have the Prelude so i would probably buy a new daily. A new Civic Type-R would be real nice.

What is your best memory from 2015 and what are you looking forward to the the most 2016?

All track days –> all track days… Meeting up with other track day people and having a good time on the track is really exhilarating and ones you’ve tried I’m sure you would also be hooked.

If people would like to contact you, what is the best way?

You can find me at “Daugaard”
I have build threads on allot of forums and my name is always “Daugaard” so if you like other forums better I’m also on, and and a few more.

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