Interview with Kajsa Borg

I decided to go hunting on to find some swedes that have cool builds and love talking about them. First up is Kajsa Borg with her cool looking Honda Civic -92.


Name: Kajsa Borg

Age: 24.

Occupation: Cashier.

Where do you currently live: Tomelilla.

Music of choice in the garage: Rock or house.

Something about you that most people don’t know:

That i could imagine myself working at the Swedish customs. Maybe not a dream for most people but i think it seems like an exciting jobb.

If your banned from the garage for a weekend, what do you be doing instead?

Probably be with my family (spouse, son and dogs), hang out with a friend or take one of the dogs to a dogshow instead of the car to a carshow!



How did you get into cars?
Probably my spouse’s fault! I have always have an interest in cars but it wasn’t until i met him i wanted to build a car.
Tell us about your car and how you decided to get it:

I found it basically abandoned in a parking lot down town with 4 flat tires and it had been there for quite some time. I found out who the owner was, found him on Facebook and asked if i could buy his car. That’s how it all started.

What modification would you like to do your car that you haven’t done yet?

I have always wanted to put in a turbo, which I am currently in the works of building!

For everyone out there that wants to build their own car, what’s your best tip for them?

Money, time and patience! It always takes more time and more money than you think! But once you see the result of your project you will not regret it!


One day while working in you backyard you find gold! You can now afford your dreamcar, what would you buy?

A White Nissan R34 GTR 🙂

If people want to see your car in person, what events are you going to?

Don’t know yet, depends on when the car is ready. It will be at a lot of shows in Skåne during the summer (Vallåkra for example) since we live there, but we will also be going further up north.
Edit: You can see Kajsa and her car at Elmia (

You can find Kajsa and her car at (site is in Swedish)

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