Interview with Kevin Lavast

Todays interview is with one of the future names in Swedish motorsports. He has been racing gokarts and from 2016 he is now both buildig and driving his own drift car! What were you doing when you were twelve? 😀

Name: My name is Kevin Lavast and i’m a 12 year old “Drift Kid” and i live in Sundsvall.

Music of choice in the garage
In the garage i often listen to some old CD’s my dad have laying around?










Something about you that most people don’t know
Most people probably doesn’t know that i get my hands dirty. Most people think my only my dad works on it but well that isn’t the case.

If your banned from the garage for a weekend, what do you be doing instead?
If i would’ve get banned from the garage for a weekend i would probably go to the woods and hide until i can be in the garage again.


How did you get into cars?
How i got inte cars? Well my dad learned me as a baby to smoke tires not drugs. A guy called Gunnar Silfors got me into drifting and Well the car is stock atm except some minor stuff but in the beginning of July the whole car will be done and the M62tub44 will be in it!






Tell us about your car and why decided to go into drifting For everyone out there that wants to build their own car, what’s your best tip for them?

My best tip 4 building a drift car? Well if you wanna start drifting don’t start with more than 250hp. Just don’t! If u can’t drift with 200hp u can’t drift with 1000hp. But really just keep it simple! You will come a long way with just a Hydro E and a welder diff.










One day while working in you backyard you find gold! You can now afford your dreamcar, what would you buy?
Well i would buy a Kenmeri Skyline. They just look amazing!


If people want to see your car in person, what events are you going to?
Well if people wanna see me and my car go to Onsdagsbus, Sättna or Drift Bash in Malmby.

Well thanks 4 interviewing me and i’ll hope we’ll do another one soon!




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