Interview with Alexander Åberg

Today we have Alexander Åberg for a short interview about his really cool Honda Civic ED3

Name: Alexander Åberg
Age: 25 born 1990
Occupation: Electrician
Where do you currently live: Gävle, Sweden
Music of choice in the garage: Mixed, mostly trap and hiphop.
Something about you that most people don’t know: My nose hurts when i eat whipped cream haha 😀
If your banned from the garage for a weekend, what do you be doing instead? Hang out with family and friends.
How did you get into cars? My dad worked on cars when i grew so i guess i have to blame him 🙂


Tell us about your car and how you decided to get it:

I have always liked japanese cars and especially honda. I have been looking for a long time for a decent project car of the ed body. One winter my friend told me about this guy he knew who had one that was standing in a garage, so i booked a trailed and picked it up. 

For everyone out there that wants to build their own car, what’s your best tip for them?

Don’t stress, plan everything in advance and don’t buy any cheap stuff. Save up the money and buy the stuff you really want, its cheaper in the long run. 


One day while working in you backyard you find gold! You can now afford your dreamcar, what would you buy?

Without a doubt a Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R ”Hakosuka” 

If people want to see your car in person, what events are you going to?

This years season is probably over, but next year i will be going to as many event as i can near Gävle.


If someone would like to contact you where can they find you?

The easiest way is just to send me an email

Here is a link to Alex’s profile on