Interview With Caroline Karlsson Elf

Continuing the interviews with people from and adding to the girl power in the car scene. This is Caroline “Qorran” and her Peugeot 406 phase 2, not the most common car but she has done a great job with it!

Caroline Elf Karlsson

Age: 25

Occupation: I work in the Home care service

Where do you currently live: Åkersberga- Stockholm

Music of choice in the garage: All kinds, depends on the mood. (Check out her spotify playlist for more)

Something about you that most people don’t know: I hate being in the spotligt, attention isn’t really my thing.
Standing on the podium at Gatebil 2014 and receiving the award for 3rd place in the French / Italian class was not an easy thing to do.

If your banned from the garage for a weekend, what do you be doing instead?
Ebay is a great (but expensive) occupation in my experience 😛
photo: Jonathan Björk Pozo
How did you get into cars?
The interest has probably been there ever since I was little. My big brother and his buddies had cool cars.
Teenage Boyfriends had the interest and were doing street racing so that’s probably how it started..
But why I started building the Peugeot aka Plastic Kissen / Kissen (Winter 2013) was because I noticed that there was not a damn thing for that car. So i felt like i HAD to do something.
Tell us about your car and how you decided to get it:
The Peugeot was my second car, bought it cheap and had no plans to make any changes to it. But when I started looking for fun on wheels and i got fucking pissed, because it was a struggle to find any styling parts for it.
The generation before my car there is a little more styling parts, there are parts even for the Coupe but not my car.
The parts that were available in Sweden for a fair price every 406 has on their car, nothing to make my car unique.
Parts that were more rare costed a lot more and because it is not your normal styling car, the parts weren’t exactly of the shelf 😛 that’s when i started looking into sponsors…
photo by: Jonathan Björk Pozo
My first sponsor was with Yellow shocks and lowering springs, then came that was the only one that had 18 ” rims that no other 406 had (have not seen them on any other car IRL either) imported from Thaiwan.
Now that it’s time for the 2015 season, I felt it was time for new rims, also those are from Racedack imported from England.
The dimensions of them are a bit special 5 / 114.3 compared with the vehicle’s 4/108, but that does not matter when you also have the sponsor that can produce basicly any spacer for your car.
Additional sponsors are that sponsored me with window tinting with gradient 15% rear and 35% front. – Angel / Devil Eyes and a few different styling lights (have not installed all I received yet.)– car wrap and assembly jobs.– Ford Focus RS green wrap (it was a new foil so I was their test person)
And last sponsor is– i changed almost my entire breaking system thanks to their sponsorship. Yellowstuff break pads and slotted brembos! : D
I would like to take the car to the track to see what she can do this year but she is mainly a show car.
For everyone out there that wants to build their own car, what’s your best tip for them?
Patience! and lots of it! Money and knowledge or awesome friends that will help you out!
But most importantly..For the love of god do not chose a Peugeot 406 phase 2 if you don’t want to have to look long and hard for parts or rebuild the parts to get them to fit. I don’t know how many times i just wished i’d crash her during all the hopeless times waiting for parts to get delivered and to fit them on the car.
One day while working in you backyard you find gold! You can now afford your dream car, what would you buy?
Wow that’s a tough one…but one of the top cars on my list is a black Dodge Charge 68-69!
If people want to see your car in person, what events are you going to?
As many as possible! Gatebil ( Mantorp 12-14 June just to name one. I am hoping for a spot on the show floor at Elmia Bilsport Performance and Custom Motor Show 2016 (
Or you can just send me a message at and we can set up a car date.
You can also send me an email or follow me on instagram

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