Interview with Jennie Andersson

Today i am interviewing one of the few female drivers currently drifting in Sweden. Jennie Andersson is passionate about her sport and wants more female drivers to get an interest for it! From knowing nothing about drifting  and buying a supra, to learning the basics and drift around the tracks of Sweden.


Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Jennie Andersson and i am 23 years old. I moved to Mjölby 1 year ago with my spouse Kim and our cuddly cat Zmulan. As a person i am very social, open and care about the people around me. I love speed, being spontaneous and i’m great at coming up with new ideas.
I was very shy when i was young but as i have grown older it has changed and now i love being in the centre of attention! I think you should live life to the fullest!


What got you into drifting? Do you have any rolemodel that brought you into the sport?

What got me into drifting? I didn’t actually have a rolemodel due to the very few women that drifted at the time (still only very few female drifters)
I didn’t see Emelie (Driftlab) until i first started drifting. Kim (Jennies Spouse) is the person that got me interested in drifting by showing me videos and taking me to events. At Gatebill Mantorp 2011 i decided i wanted to start drifting and break the trend of so few females in the sport.
Why has no female made a name for herself drifting? I decided i will give it a try and i knew i could succeed! At the time i didn’t really understand what i gave myself into but i would just have to figure it out. My dream is just to make it big in drifting and i worked hard to get this far!


 What was the hardest about drifting when you started?

The hardest? hmm… Before i bought my supra i had never even done a burnout haha! It was my first RWD car so i had to learn everything from scratch.  Me and my Supra have had quite a journey! The hardest for thing for me in drifting is to keep my cool and deal with all the impressions your mind gets going at that speed. You don’t have time to think, you CAN’T think cause thats where it starts to go bad.
The smallest hesitation will cause you to crash and everytime i have hesitated i have ended off the track.

 How is it to drift as a woman in such a male dominated sport?

I have to say being a woman in drifting has both good and bad sides to it. The hard part is all the prejudice people have! You have to fight against peoples opinion of you and fight to stay in it. On the positive side a lot of people are impressed that you have the guts and a lot of companies are looking for more females drivers to sponsor.


Jennie prepping her supra for paint.
What is your favorite track and which is the worst track you’ve driven?

My favorite course is Gröndal racetrack in Eskilstuna. It’s a lot of fun and very technical, i can’t wait to drive it at the end of the season!
The worst track is Karlskoga Raceway that i drove at the begining of the season. It’s a tough track and i couldn’t keep a good line. Most people that day (including me) speed off the track.

 For someone interested in taking up drifting,what are a few good things to think about?

To do it becuase it’s fun! Do it for your you and no one else. Give yourself a break and get a car that matches your driving style. To learn as fast as possible invest a bit more money and get a car that wants to go sideways. I had a huge advantage that i gambled a got a supra straight away!


Showing no hesitation, drifting through a corner
 I saw that you are now trying to sell your supra, is it time for a new car?

You are correct, the supra is for sale! I don’t know what’s going to happen next but probably i am going back to school in 2015 and i can’t afford a drifting car without big sponsors.  Unless a miracle happens, i will have to put drifting on hold for next year.

The question i love asking! What cars do you currently have in your driveway?

My driveway is….EMPTY! We only have a small shiny Toyota Corolla. However in our garage we have  2 drifting cars Kims Nissan S14 and my Supra!


You find a cheest of leprechaun gold in your backyard and you can by any car you want, what would you buy?

That’s an easy one! A black Dodge Charger -69


Make sure to go visit Jennie on her facebook page and see what happens of her drifting future!
Jennie Drifting

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