Interview with Adis from Rising Sun Import

After doing one of the interviews earlier this year i got the tip to contact this dude that imports cars from Japan. That dude is Adis and he runs his import business Rising Sun Imports

Tell us a bit about yourself, your background and your company

My name is Adis i am 26 years old and i live in Gislaved, Sweden. I have loved cars since i was 3 years old, so the choice to start this import business was an easy choice! My goal with my company is to have a showroom full of Japanese cars, so that people can come out and try out the cars.

What made you start your company?

I want to get people to love japanese cars, to help people understand the great choice of cars you can import from Japan. Also i would love to steal a few cars from the importser in the UK, they can’t get all the nice cars!


How did you get into importing cars?

A couple of years ago i bought a Nissan Skyline R33 Gts-t from a friend and ever since i’ve been hooked on Japanese cars. I still have that car and i will probably never sell that car!

What is a few things that most people underestimate when importing cars?

I’m not sure if there is something special that people miss. I think that people who never have driven a right-hand drive car, they don’t dare to buy a japanese car because they think they are hard to drive. Getting spare parts for certain cars can be hard but the Swedish market is quite good for spare parts. Lastely consider what insurance company you plan to use, not all companies want to insure import cars.


What is the craziest import you have seen?

Japan has quite a few odd cars, small cars also known as Kei Cars are very popular. Kei cars are small cars with 660cc engines, you can even find a few with turbos in them. As Japan is the home of drifting you can find pretty cool drift cars. You find atleast one car that suprises you everytime you log on to the auction.


Seeing all the cars that you help people import i’m guessing you have a dream car. What car would you import if you could import any car?

There is only one car, the Nissan Skyline r34 Gtr in Bayside blue!

Do you have any tips for people that want to start a business?

Follow your dream! Don’t bother with what other people say!

And lastly i always end with asking what car(s) do you currently drive?

At the moment i am driving Nissan Skyline r33 Gts-t 🙂


Thank you Adis for taking the time out of your day and doing this interview.
If you are interested in importing a car or just looking at the crazy auctions, go check out his facebook

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