Interview with Shotmonkey Devid “Bonecracker” Fodor

Finishing up this interview series with the two last interviews before Elmia starts on Friday.The first one is with Devid “BoneCracker” Fodor and his lilith

Tell us a bit about yourself

Name: Devid “BoneCracker” Fodor
Age: 30 years old.
Occupation: We consulting ( Telia sonera run 2G and 3G locations in Norway)
Where do you currently live: Sundsvall
Music of choice while in the garage: Female Vocal Liquid Dubstep and Ida´s sommarvisa
Something about you that most people don’t know: I’m an open book, ask me and you will get answers.
If you are banned from the garage for a weekend what would you be doing instead: Work to earn money, so i can work for 48 hours in the garage.

Tell us a bit about the team

Who the f#ck is that!….. Wait and see!


Tell us about your teamcar, what is it built for? racing, drifting or showcar?

It’s a scrap car, a Mazda RX7 FD3S -96 built to handle Time attack and basic Drifting. A car built with quite a few special parts that you won’t find in any other car.

What are you looking forward to the most this summer?

Take the car to, and to be able to live with  my love (Lilith)


For everyone out there that has a dream to build a car like yours, whats your tip for them?

MAKE SURE TO HAVE BIG BUDGET! and time…everything else will work itself out, trust me.

One day while working in your backyard you find gold! You can now afford your dreamcar, what would you buy?

Dreamcar? Why would i dream about it when i already own it?


Finally, I will be going to as many events as possible this year, which one must i not miss?

Elmia (Bilsport Custom and Motor Show)…sadly im going to miss it! Car events in Sweden and Norway. Car meetups in Kramfors and Sundsvall…and offcourse at least one Wankel meetup! It’s all about how much time i have. You must go to ALL car meetups your have time for!

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