Interview with Shotmonkey Joakim Persson

We are now passing the halfway mark in the interview series with the Shotmonkey Street
Clan. Nextup is Joakim Persson.

Tell us a bit about yourself

Name: Joakim Persson
Age: 34
Occupation: Tattooist/carbuilder
Where do you currently live: Sundsvall
Music of choice while in the garage: Reagge
Something about you that most people dont know: My best friend is a priest
If you are banned from the garage for a weekend what would you be doing instead: Hang out with my family


Tell us a bit about the team

A crazy team that will set new standards for how a team should be this year!

Tell us about your teamcar, what is it built for? racing, drifting or showcar?

The car is a Toyota Supra MKIV from 1993 N/A from start but will be built as a singleturbo and widened 14 cm across the rear, The car is built for racing/drifting AND show, looking at 800 whp this year.


What are you looking forward to the most this summer?

All events with the SM clan and the attitude and feeling of all the carshows and events.

For everyone out there that has a dream to build a car like yours, whats your tip for them?

Plan your build in advance, it will always take more time and money then you have anticipated.


One day while working in your backyard you find gold! You can now afford your dreamcar, what would you buy?

A trip to the U.S or similar, because today i have my dreamcar, but if i had to trade it would be into a GT3 maybe.

Finally, I will be going to as many events as possible this year, which one must i not miss?

Elmia in Jönköping with the Bilsport Custom & Performance show.


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