Interview with Shotmonkey Stefan Pilegård

The first interview in this series of interviews with Shotmonkey – Street Clan, is with Stefan Pilegård. Stefan is the one that tipped me about the clan and has made these interviews possible.

A few quick questions to start of this interview

Name? Stefan Pilegaard
Age? 35+ something LOL
Occupation? Salesmanager in the furniture trade
Where do you currently live? Northern Sweden in a town called Sundsvall
Music of choice while in the garage? Metal, Hiphop and dubstep.. right now Flux Pavillion and Phrenik is the shit!
Tell us something about you that most people don’t know? I have three kids and try to balance this with my day to day ordinary life..
If you are banned from the garage for a weekend what would you be doing instead? Hang out with my family and friends or just plainly dont give a F**ck about the ban

stefan 2 Tell us a bit about the team.

The team was formed a year ago as a family clan, we want to keep shit tight and friendly, we do all our decisions based on everyones interest, and we try to stay humble and keep the fuck you attitude we are known for Mix jackass with overhaulin and you get the idea..

Tell us about your teamcar, what is it built for? racing, drifting or showcar?

My R33 ”LoMo” Nissan Skyline was originally built for drifting but with a new paintjob and molded sideskirts to the body etc shit got out of hand and it´s now a showcar with still the engine roar and drifting chassie etc. Pulling 383hpr and more will come. Right now it´s getting rebuilt on the inside with audio and a total custom interior.

stefan 3

What are you looking forward to the most this summer?

To hang out with people with the same interest, and of course to see peoples reaction to what i have built this winter. The Shotmonkey street clan will be e great thing happening this year, we get invitations everywhere now and shit is crazy, and we havent even done anything yet, wild!

For everyone out there that has a dream to build a car like yours, whats your tip for them?

Make up your mind first on what you want to build, and find a friend that is a true artist on photoshop and try to explain how you want it, then you have a ready plan for the build, and investigate everything before you start so you dont end up with shit that doesnt work together etc.

One day while working in your backyard you find gold! You can now afford your dreamcar, what would you buy?

Easy, the new Liberty walk Gt-R, shit is wild!!

stefan 4

Finally I will be going to as many events as possible this year, which one must i not miss?

We have our start at Bilsport custom and performance show, this is the biggest indoor event in Sweden. 90.000visitors and we have a booth there with 3 of our cars, including mine.
Then we have, with the nationalday event etc.


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  1. Really nice to see the finished result! 🙂 And now we shift gear and head to the garage to finish the build 🙂
    Thank you very much for the interview! 🙂

    Shotmonkey 4 Life! 😀

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